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Meet Our Staff

Kim Brasuell

Ms. Kim Headshot

Title: Director

Building Phone Number: 425-1540

Length of Time at Montessori: Owner / Director 1997 to present

Education: Bachelor of Science in Education, Arkansas State University Jonesboro

Interests: Family; Preschool Education; Aerobics; Weight Training
Vicky Wolf
vicky Headshot

Teacher: Gold Class

Building Phone Number: 425-1540

Length of Time at Montessori: 1987 to present

Education: Norfork High School

Interests: Gardening, mowing,  riding horses, basketball, Football and spoiling my grandkids whenever I can. 

Teresa Poush
teresa Headshot
Teacher: Red Class
Time at Montessori: 2007 to present
Education: Graduate of Cardinal High School Eldon Iowa
Hobbies: Riding Horses, sports, spoiling my grandkids & spending time with my family.

Samantha Smith    Sam Headshot                                
Teacher: Blue Class
Time at Montessori: 2011 to present
Education: High School diploma Mountain Home High School
Hobbies: I love teaching, reading, hiking, pressing flowers and hanging out with my friends and family.

Kristen Crawford Trivitt
Kristen Headshot
Teacher: Children's House
Time at Montessori: June 2019 to present.

Education: Bachelor's in Management & Marketing @ Astate
Hobbies: Hiking With my daughter & dogs and baking

Olivia Balmer

Teacher: Children's House                               Olivia Headshot

Time at Montessori: August 2019 to present.

Education: High school diploma from Wesson Attendance center & Intercultural studies degree from Southwestern Christian University .

Interest: Hiking, camping, singing, playing the guitar and spending time with family and friends. 



Lindsey Hamm

Teacher: Main building

Time at Montessori: April 2019 to present

Education: Graduate of Mountain Home High SchoolLinsey Hamm Headshot

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, camping, kayaking and being outdoors.



Kaitlyn Guinn

Teacher: Main BuildingKaitlyn photo website

Time at Montessori: July 2019 to present 

Education: Graduate of Mountain home High School 

Hobbies: Soccer, Tennis, Kayaking, Swimming & traveling







Samantha Robinson                                             sammie photo Headshot

Teacher: Children's House

Time at Montessori: December 2020 to present

Education: High School Diploma and some college

Hobbies: Spending time with family and traveling


Kiley Berry                             kiley for website      

Teacher: Main Building

Time at Montessori: January 2020

Education: High School Diploma

Hobbies: Camping, hiking, spending time with my family & dogs




Patricia Torres

patty website

Teacher: Main Building                                

Time at Montessori: February 2020 to present

Education: High School

Hobbies: Gardening, fishing and cooking




Kimberly Marie Tilly                                            

Teacher: Children's Housekimber.jpg

Time at Montessori: March 2021 to present

Education: GED

Hobbies: Reading, camping and playing with my dog


Becky McKinnonbecky for website

Teacher: Main Building

Time at Montessori: May 2021 to present

Education: High School Diploma

Hobbies: Cooking, Camping, Swimming and Traveling



Cori Hernandez                                                    cori website

Teacher: Main Building

Time at Montessori: June 2021 to present

Education: Bachelor's in Psychology

Hobbies: Music, Makeup, Crafting, video games, Halloween and Family time