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A special note from Katrina and her children Kally, Becca and Ryan:

Every moment at Montessori is special to me as a mother. The joy on the child's face when they learn new things. The way the teachers treat you like family. The most memorable moment I have at Montessori, as a parent, was when Becca was 18 months old standing on the tables in the classroom or her stealing the other children's food. Ms. Dorothy and Ms. Sharon always handled Becca so well and at times I think all they could do is smile at her because she was so strong willed. Thanks for all the hard work and great memories. I truly consider "Montessori" to be my family. Thanks again. I am thankful every day my three children got to be part of the Montessori method.

Another special note from Kelly and Amanda Freudensprung and their daughter Isabella Rose "Beth" :

At Montessori, our daughter feels loved and safe. Her intellect is challenged , and her imagination soars.